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Frequently Asked Questions
In Case of Emergency
Q: Does GoDEZI have insurance? 
A: Yes, GoDEZI has an insurance policy that covers our transportation operations.   
Q: What happens if we get in a traffic incident?
A: Just like any other time, injuries are tended to and information will be exchanged. If reportable, a police officer will investigate the incident. Your GoDEZI driver is trained to address these issues along side of you and will also work with you to fill out a required report for our company's insurance provider (in the case of using our vehicles.) After that, GoDEZI corportate staff will work with you every step of the way to resolve the situation. Keep in mind, GoDEZI drivers do NOT have at-fault accidents in their recent driving history, and all drivers are committed to your safety.
Q: Are GoDEZI drivers employees?
A: No, each driver is an independent contractor who GoDEZI manages referrals to and provides insurance coverage for when operating our own vehicles. GoDEZI also manages background checks of and communications with these contractors.  Each contractor takes great pride in presenting themselves as a business professional and is deeply committed, just like GoDEZI, to a great experience for each and every customer.
Q: I've heard of situations where people got into fights with their drivers in taxis and ride share vehicles. What happens if we have a disagreement / uncomfortable situation?
A: We are all adults, we should all act like one. DEZI drivers are trained to address individuals in a professional manner and they understand intoxication sometimes makes things complicated; however here are some basic expectations:
  • Physical contact is not OK with the exception of a handshake / fistbump (or, in the extraordinary case of providing emergency medical care.)  
  • Degrading, derogatory, insulting or threatening language / physical behavior is unacceptable and will likely result in the termination of your account and potential criminal prosecution.
  • Assaultive physical behavior will NEVER be tolerated. The offending party will be referred to law enforcement. DEZI contractors are subject to Pennsylvania law regarding use of force in self defense or defense of others. Losing access to GoDEZI services is guaranteed under these circumstances. 
Q: Do GoDEZI drivers use dash cameras?
A: Some do, we hope to increase that to everyone in the future. No audio is recorded, only video. This is done to foster accountability, enforce expected and accepted behaviors and practices, and ultimately provide an additional witness to the events that could potentially unfold during a trip. The customer is the biggest winner because they have access to a record of what happened should anything ever go wrong - regardless of how unlikely that may be. 
Q: How much do drivers make?
A: Drivers receive 35% of the fare (does not include the connection fee) and 100% of their tips when operating our transportation service vehicles for non-hourly trips.
Q: Does GoDEZI offer promotions?
A: From time to time we offer special discounts and incentives through the use of promotional codes. If you are lucky enough to have one, savor the reward! Simply enter the promo code into the box on your app before hitting the request button to claim your discount. 
Q: If I want to make a short stop along our route for food/ drinks/etc., is that OK?
A: Short stops are good; we ask that you keep them to 5 minutes or less so that our drivers can stay moving. Should your stop exceed more than 5 minutes, the driver reserves the right to end the trip.
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