Our Pearl Shuttle is always available Friday and Saturday nights, but also additional times as available. Use the chat below for your desired shuttle to see if we're available and to connect with a driver!
This 14 passenger minibus is designed for the longest trips - enjoy a fresh decor, great music, large screen video, a restroom and fantastic lighting!
This 10 passenger minibus is designed for fun trips around town to your many social destinations - enjoy a fun lighting scheme, music videos, and fun people!
GoDEZI is authorized to operate services under
Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission Authority
PA PUC A-6419442
USDOT 3068400 
All per person fares are charged by a combination of the following:
Base Rate
$5.00 per person for all trips
Minimum Total Fare
$5.00 per person for all trips
Mileage Rate
$1.50 per loaded mile per person for all trips within Huntingdon County.
$2.00 per loaded mile per person for trips originating in, and terminating outside of, Huntingdon County.
$2.00 per loaded mile per person for trips originating and terminating within Huntingdon County, but travel out of said county.
$2.50 per loaded mile per person for trips originating outside of Huntingdon County.

$5.00 is added for each additional passenger added to a single reservation. Mileage is only
charged to the first passenger
$1.00 per minute waiting fee during trip.
3% per transaction is added when using a credit card.
If you are not ready when we arrive, the bus will move on after 5 minutes maximum.

Holiday Pricing:

Services provided during the following holidays may be assessed at 200% of the published charge: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

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419 14th Street, Suite D1, Box 13

Huntingdon, PA 16652

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