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Personal Concierge Services

We are ready to become YOUR personal assistant!
Available in State College on Tues and Thurs

You're a busy person. Your time is VALUABLE. We want to help you get your time back by providing you a personal assistant when you need one. 

Our personal concierges stand ready to help you with everyday errands. Some examples of eligible tasks you can request are:

  • Pick up dry cleaning

  • Pick up pre-packaged grocery order

  • Pickup and deliver small personal item (keys, paperwork, etc.)

  • Pickup your vehicle and take to garage, detailer, etc. (and bring back)

Some examples of what we DONT do:​

  • Pick up medicine, pre-prepared (hot) food, money, packages that we can't inspect (see in/through) or valuable items (anything valued in cash equivalent over $200.00.​

We can pick up your vehicle from work, take it to it's appointments, pick up your basic errand runs and deliver your vehicle back in time to go home after work! #OwnYourTime using our #DeziConcierges to #MakeEveryMinuteCount!

What it costs:
Non-vehicle moving task(s): $11.50 for the first task, then $8.00 for each additional task.
Vehicle-Moving: $16.50 one-way, $26.50 round trip 
***All trips must be within 6 miles of State College Center***
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