Saving Money -- That's important. We agree! 
GoDEZI offers a service that is cost-competitive with a number of other means of transportation. See an example below: 
A round trip social bus for 14 passengers between Huntingdon and State College:  
Rideshare company: $559.20 (you need 4 standard rideshare vehicles that max at 4 passengers each to make round trips at $139.40 each car to move 14 passengers)
Round Trip with GoDEZI Onyx Shuttle: $290.00 (not counting waiting fees.) That's just about $20 per person.
But money isn't everything. 
Using GoDEZI puts you in greater control of your social experience because..
  • You can arrive in style whenever you want to - its up to you. 
  • You can keep the party going in our social buses! 
  • You will feel safe getting home with GoDEZI.
  • You know DUI is NOT COOL, and GoDEZI will allow you to avoid that mistake.

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